22. June 2018
So since the 'birth' of our Outer Africa logo, we have been busy setting up our new website (which is a daily work in progress and coming together well), and registering our social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Google and more), so however you like to get your news-look out for us!! Its also taking a while because we are perfectionists and want to get it right first time. And the football World Cup is on...!! Thanks for your interest Your Outer Africa team
11. June 2018
Today we have finally finished with the logo design for our new business - Outer Africa! Using modern typefaces and a stylized African continent icon enclosed by a circle of arrows, it represents our vision of recycling our profits back to our partners in Africa! Look out for us in the near future on social media platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Linked-in, Youtube etc.